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On the east coast of Sri Lanka is a small village called Arugam Bay. Arugam has established itself as a surf mecca on the island, open to travellers from across the globe. However, not all are welcome in the water.

From A-Bay Girls Surf Club.

"Girls in Arugam Bay are raised in a surf community, where many of their fathers, brothers and uncles are surfers and work in the surf industry. Surrounded by surfing from a young age, many girls feel a natural desire to learn how to surf too. However, this has not been an option for the majority of them.

Like many other countries, there are cultural expectations and norms for Sri Lankan women that prevent them from entering the public space and participating in sports such as surfing. Thus, apart from a few exceptions like Shamali Sanjaya, surfing has remained a man’s domain in Sri Lanka for decades."

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Director of Photography: David Bird
Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ CHEAT
Music: Steven Gutheinz
Processing: Cinelab

With thanks to A-Bay Surf Club.
Surfers featured:
Tiffany Carothers
Baby Rani
Shamali Sanjaya